Child Safeguarding Procedures Pro39


The purpose of these procedures is to ensure that all those employed in South County Dublin Leisure Services are recruited safely and are suitable for whatever job/role with children they are being asked to undertake.

It is the objective of SCDLS to:

  • Acknowledge the rights of children to be protected, encouraged and have their rights respected.
  • Recognise that the welfare of children must always come first, regardless of all other considerations.
  • Adopt the safest possible practices to prevent or minimise the possibility of harm or accidents happening and protect employees of SCDLS from the necessity of risk taking and leaving themselves open to accusations of abuse or neglect.
  • Develop safe recruitment practices and take all reasonable steps to ensure candidates are suitable for working with children.
  • Ensure all employees of SCDLS working directly with children or vulnerable adults subject themselves to Garda Vetting prior to commencement of employment.
  • To provide further training for employees, ensuring new employees attend a Code of Ethics Course for Children in Sport, within six months of commencement of employment.
  • Ensure employees are clear in their responsibilities and the procedures to be followed.

All staff shall be provided with the name and contact details of the relevant Mandated Person (s) for Child Protection and shall be made aware of the procedures for reporting suspicions or allegations of child abuse. SCDLS employees shall be made aware of the commitment of the organisation’s procedures to act in accordance with the principle that the welfare of children is always the paramount consideration.

Implementation and Monitoring

SCDLS is committed to ensuring that all of our Child Safeguarding Statement, procedures and codes of conduct are kept up to date. To that end the following list has been compiled to facilitate implementation and monitoring of our safeguarding standards:

  • Appropriate resources are in place for the implementation of the Safeguarding Policy and procedures.
  • SCDLS will review every two years the implementation of its policy and procedures and update any changes in legislation and guidance, or as soon as practicable after there has been a material change in any matter to which this statement refers.
  • A record of training in Child Safeguarding will be kept in employees training records.
  • Personnel are invited to give their views on measures contained in our Child Safeguarding Statement and procedures during staff training.
  • SCDLS will adopt the guidance of the Child First Act 2015, The Children’s First National Guidelines and Tulsa’s Children Safeguarding a guide for Policy, Procedure and Practice for all incidents, allegations and suspicions of child abuse in SCDLS facilities.
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